Instructions for Adjustable Stand

Thank you for purchasing our “Cards that Talk” Adjustable Stand. 


  1. This stand has 2 pieces. There is a flat metal base and a round adjustable arm with a phone mount on it.
  2. Place the base piece on a flat surface with the padded circles down, and pull the 2 moveable legs out to make 90 degree angles on each side.  They will only move in one direction.  Place them so that the moved legs are toward you.
  3. Take the adjustable arm.  There is a phone mount at the top and a round thumb screw at the bottom.  Locate the round thumb screw and unscrew it.
  4. Place the removed screw in the hole located in the middle of the unmovable part of the base.
  5. Place adjustable arm over the placed screw with winged adjustment knob, located near the bottom of the arm, so that it is in your left hand and tighten the screw. 
  6. Once this is tightened, the arm should lock into place. There is a dimple on the base that holds the arm from moving.  If it does turn, loosen the screw slightly and turn the arm till you feel it go into place and tighten screw.
  7. Place your device in the phone mount at the top of the stand with the device being face up.
  8. Maneuver your device so that when a card is place between the legs it will read.
  9. There is a winged adjustment knob at the bottom to allow the stand to change horizontal angle.
  10. There is a flip adjustment piece at the top of the arm to adjust the height. 
  11. The device holder is on a ball joint so it is able to move freely to change angles.
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