Cards that Talk Support

How it works

-Get the "Cards that Talk" app here from the Apple app store.

-Buy your playing cards here

-Place your apple device (compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod) in an elevated location i.e. a stand, so that the rear camera is facing the table or hold it in your hand.

-Launch Cards that Talk app and press Start Scan button (Siri can launch the app by saying "Launch cards that talk")

-Place the back of the our custom playing card under the camera of the device so the card is face side down (there is a sharper edge in the upper left hand corner of the card to tell which is back is facing you.) and the value of the card will be read to you until the card is removed from the cameras view.

-Use a headset for privacy (Bluetooth or wired)

-Once the app is in scanning mode, it will continuously scan every card back that is visible to the camera without having to touch the device to scan the next card.

-Enjoy the freedom of playing your favorite card games again

Please reach out to us at

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