How we got started

Being from the Midwest, playing cards is a big social part of our family. So when my uncle lost his vision and could no longer play cards, it affected everyone.  Not only could he not play cards, but his neuropathy made the use of braille impossible.  He was left with no options to play cards.  We developed and worked with him to make our app “Cards that Talk” and custom playing cards for him and his limitations.

     “Cards that Talk” and our custom cards allowed him to learn to play again, and the world for him and our family changed for the better.  He was excited about life and looked forward to the social interaction that came with playing cards, for when he lost his vision many of these social interactions he used to have also went away. Seeing the joy that it brought back to him and my family, we wanted to share this joy with others who may have similar situations.  We believe that just because you lose your eyesight, this does not mean that you should lose the ability to play cards even if you cannot read braille.

Please help us spread the word about our product so we may help others in need.


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